Monday, June 2, 2008

My kitchen pics

For all those that commiserated with me through the long time of my kitchen having to get new flooring and cabinets due to mold, here are some pics:

My kitchen went from this: (moldy cabinet)

To this: (Ain't she purty?)

From this: (mold-eww!)

To this: (well at least it's mold free)

To this: (all patched up)

From this: (ah my lovely concrete kitchen floor-which I had for months)

To this: (new floors for both kitchen and dining room)

And finally from this: (the middle of getting worked on)

To this: (Ta-daa, done!)

There are some more pictures here at my flickr if you'd like to have a look. Have a good day :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thing number 23, Wrapping Up

(Does the Macarena) I'm done, I did it, woo hoo, yee haa! Celebrate good times, come on! Wait Web 3.0? Ahhhhhh. Yep I enjoyed this and will continue to be a lifelong learner. Knowlege is power :)

Gulp, you want a good post? Ummmmm. I thought it was party time? Lol. Well, let's hit the main points. "What was your favorite thing you learned about?" Gee, that is kinda tough. There's a lot I liked. Worldcat jumps in there, and YouTube, oh, and flickr!!! I find I'm actually using that a lot now. Didn't think I would. Oh and Librarything. And Google Docs! I'm definitely going to use that for collaboration on a story. And! Using that a lot already. Um.....can we say it's a tie of a lot of them?

"Conversely, what did you like least about Web 2.0?" Well now that is easy, Technorati, which never really worked well for me. I'm also not using Bloglines that much-um, or at all since I worked on it? Guess that one will take time.

"What areas of Web 2.0 do you think the library should get more involved in?" Well the library is already involved in and wikis and blogs. I'm kinda following the lead. Short of making some more really cool YouTube videos to talk about all the new services that the library of today has to offer I'm not sure what to say. I just did a Google search for ocean county library podcast and lo and behold found this:

Podcasting @ Ocean County LibraryOct 17, 2006 ... Listen to a Arashi Setsuna, original character, cosplay during the finals of our contest at Ocean County Library's annual Bookfest ...

Guess you could do more updated podcasts and vodcasts-more videos of library programs to reach around the world.

"What Web 2.0 services have you shared with your friends and family?" Um, my mom looked at my blog-does that count? :) And I shared my blog with my online friends. Haven't gotten any feedback yet.

Well that seems to be that. Huh. I think I might post a couple more things to this blog, like my kitchen in progress pictures and maybe bracelets that I make, or even just keep this as my blog. I find, after all this, that I'm posting and enjoying posting to this more than I do my Livejournal (gasp!) Maybe it's because I've felt really free to be me. I've let out a lot of opinions I didn't realize I had, and this has definitely been a learning experience. I'm glad I did this and finished it, not just for the mp3 player but also because it has enriched me as a person.

Thank you for promoting this, and when Web 3.0 comes along, count me in to learn the Things :) Hope you have a great day!

Thing number 22, ListenNJ

My boss (Judy Roberts-she's the best!) was very nice and let me work on this tonight. Thank you!! Went to a PC Plus upstairs, went to ListenNJ, clicked on Self Help under Nonfiction, saw that the first book is ideal:

The 10-Minute Stress Manager
by Emmett Miller
Emmett E. Miller, M.D., the renowned holistic physician and author, brings you a truly effective stress-management audio program.

Clicked on it, and then realized it said "join waiting list". Sigh. Well,

101 Ways to Transform Your Life
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
101 Ways to Transform Your Life by bestselling author, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, is a wonderful collection of "thoughts" that can lift you up each day. It is filled with Dr. Dyer's profound...

is available, so I clicked add to cart. Then proceed to checkout. Selected Ocean County Library :) and put in my library card number. Got this screen:

Check Out

Please review and confirm the selections in your cart before proceeding with check out.

101 Ways to Transform Your Life
Lending period: 10 days
OverDrive Audio Book (burn to CD allowed)

I clicked confirm checkout, and then clicked to download the software. I chose to open the Overdrive Media Player but it wants to save anyway. Um librarians upstairs, it's on the path C:\ProgramFiles\OverDriveMediaConsole\

It's installed and I'm downloading. Saving the book to desktop. Checkmarked the book. My it's taking its sweet time to download. Okay it's downloaded, I double clicked on it, it brings up a little screen with ListenNJ on top and on the bottom half cause it's kinda split it has Parts on the left and Media Markers on the right. Over ten media markers it looks like. And woot, it's playing! Ah the markers are like what I have on my DVD player at home, you can skip ahead every five minutes. So the seconds are ticking by. Yay!

Wait-I don't have to return this audio book, right? (Thinks back) Oh right, it just expires. Cool. Okey dokey, my next to last thing is history! (Oh and btw, I was nice and removed the OverDrive from the desktop and I clicked on Add/Remove Programs and removed it from there too, so we're all good.) So yeah, that was kinda cool, and if for some reason I'm not able to get to the library and need a book, I do see myself doing this at home for instant access. Technology rocks :)

Thing number 21, Finding and listening to Podcasts

Ooh watching the video makes me think of my favorite show, maybe they'll have that. I guess I can try to download iTunes-don't think it worked the last time I tried though. Heh, I don't have an iPod or mp3 player...yet ;) Ahh vodcast. Have heard of that actually. Hmm, vodcast is! Heh.

Went to and clicked on television and movies on the right, then clicked on more television... put in a search for supernatural and found the crossroads podcast of eps.

It wouldn't give an exact link, here is from the link bar

search for podcasts: supernatural crossroads
(The first time I just put in Supernatural and then went through a couple of pages till I saw that one.)

And here is what I clicked the little play button for:

Crossroads - Episode 25 - Salute
posted: 7 weeks, 17 hours, 48 minutes, 52 seconds ago This week, I tried out some new music for the podcast (Hopefully you like it), along with reviewing the mini-Supernatural convention that occurred recently, go through your e-mails along with the latest in news and spoilers. ENJOY!!!!

But it wasn't easy to control the player at all, till I went there again (refreshed it) and then the little player allowed me to pause it. I dunno, will probably have to give it a more thorough looking at when I'm not in a time crunch :) I have seen podcasts actually on livejournal, where writers will have stories in a podcast format for listening, and you just click a link. I'm guessing that's where you'll join a site so you can post or host your podcast.

Oh and hey, you can do a yahoo search for listen to podcasts and I found this: I think there are a ton of places to listen to podcasts out there. The only problem is in having enough time to find and listen to them all, lol. Y'know, maybe I will click a link to listen to a story. I'm very visual and love to read, but listening to an author read a story the way they mean it to be heard can be a very authentic experience as well.

Thing number 20, YouTube

Yes, I did indeed know about YouTube before the web challenge. Been watching for awhile and have a few subscriptions. Oh hey, one video just popped in my head-Lego characters acting to a Michael Jackson tune, "Thriller". It's absolutely awesome. Just put "thriller with legos" in the search box. It's long though, but the amount of work it took that person to do this-now that is an individual suited to moviemaking, methinks. Anywho, back to the thing.

Oh cool videos. Actually I worked that night and we could hear the music at the circ desk :) Well I played around, and guess what? There are "how-to" videos for beading! Just put beading into the search box and you get Basic Beading and Beaded Jewelry making tips and how to make beaded jewelry. A more advanced search, how to make a beaded necklace, brings up:

How to Make Handmade Beaded Necklaces: Jewelry Crafts Project : Memory Wire Shears..., Learn how to make handmade beaded necklaces..., and How to Make Beaded Jewelry : Bead Design: Jewelry Making Basics among others. I did watch a couple videos on making earrings. I've got bracelets down but lacking funds I think I'll learn how to make the necklace my mom wants for her birthday online.

And...I had made a YouTube video! You can find it by searching windyfontaine bear in the search box, and here is the link:

but I'm going to embed it :) You should see it below. You can also access it from my profile, I think I have it on a couple web pages, but now it's like right here to see. It was fun to make-hmm, maybe I should make a short video showing all the new bracelets I make to entice people to buy if I open a place on Ebay... This thing got me thinking, lol. Now this was a fun thing!

Thing number 19, Web 2.0 Awards

Wow, long list there. Oh, I've heard of Pandora. I actually have used something called Live365, where you can listen online. Oh colors-that's neat. Okay, clicked on Web 2.0 Awards and picked "Collaborative Writing and Word Processing". Aha, guess who is number one? Yep, that's right, Google Docs. I'm beginning to think that Google is to the internet what Ma Bell was to telephones till it was broken up-it's getting mighty big there. And the thing is, they have the money to back up their mouth. Their products and services are all first rate, from email to images to web search to shopping and now to documents. Hmm.

Oh, Employment and jobs-Standout jobs is number one? Here I thought it would be And the one I like, careerbuilder, is number two. Who'da thunk it?

Okay, "Create a blog post about a Web 2.0 Award winner that you would like to use and why."

I think I'd like to use Real Estate first place, because it'll be cool to see what places are available once I win the lottery. No really! It's called if you imagine it and program it and believe in it it can happen. I believed I would work in this library system. It took several interviews and over two years of putting in my application but I kept going to the library and seeing myself working in one of them and wala, today here I am. So if I look at all the houses for sale and say yeah, that one will be great, if I get x amount after taxes I can afford to pay for it outright then maybe I will win and can go to the site and use it for real :) The zip code search was very easy, and oh cool, it shows a satellite image of the area! Neater than, where I go sometimes to look :)

Gonna try and get the rest of the things done tonight at work-wish me luck :)

Thing number 18, Web Apps

Mmm, Google Docs. Now that is cool. Oh, I've actually heard of Zoho before, when I was looking for a word processing program when all I had was WebTv. (WebTv, now called MSNTv, is a box that allows you to surf the web using your tv as a monitor. It doesn't download but you can send emails and visit web pages and I still use it almost every night and surf while in bed.) I never actually used Zoho because my brother made a computer for me (yes from parts!) but it looked good.

I already have a Google account, so that isn't a problem. I had to sign out of my account so I could sign in with the given id and password. Well, this is what I got:

"Google Docs

Unable to locate the requested document revision. Please check the URL and try again."

I tried it a couple of times. I was afraid your document was lost. Not giving up, I clicked on Google docs beta, aha! saw a few links, found Web Players on Google Docs, added my name, saved and closed, and let's see...

Yep, my name be there. And logged out. For a project? I don't currently have anything, unless...I do make bracelets and people at my branch love them. I guess I can make a Google doc and say what beads I have, and invite my coworkers to request their bracelets and what beads they want in it on there. Hmm. Also, not currently but in the near future I'll maybe be cowriting a story with someone and we can use Google Docs so I can add content and then she can edit it. Or this is a great idea for betaing-a fanfic writer can post a story to it, then the beta can make changes, and the writer can comment back, all done without email. Yep, I can see this definitely being a useful tool :)

P.S. below is a picture of an older bracelet I made :)

Thing number 17, Play in the sandbox

Okay, I logged in with the invite key. My name I put in as alisaslibraryblog. Hmm, first I have to find the sandbox. Well, I switched to classic mode, and sandbox appeared on the right. Hmm, I clicked that, but it looks strange, so I hit the back button. Ah, now the Sandbox link is usable! I added under the Luke Skywalker image, "My favorite library system is OCL." Hehe. Brownie points anyone? Have to admit I didn't see the other categories. Let's see if this saves. Yep, it did. Well, I added up to favorite energy drink is red bull. I tried making the bjorgul line bold, but no matter how I tried it just didn't take. Oh well :)

Okay I added my blog, and ah, it linked itself! Cool :) OH, and btw, I clicked on Comments too on the sandbox, just because. I can see how this can be useful for work, as library systems separated by distance can add to wikis-for instance maybe the Hancock County Library system can say its thanks to OCL in a wiki and maybe ask for a list of resources that OCL can then edit and then Hancock can say yes this one worked and oh, have you seen this? Silly example I know, but I see the great cooperative features that this can have, with information sharing. Anywho, on to the next thing.

Thing number 16, Wikis

Ah, wikis.

For exercise number 1:

And oh, the first thing I'm greeted with is that they had vandalism problems. Hmm, that's not good. Okay first off, it's created for librarians. And you can add stuff if it'll be helpful to other librarians. And

"...Anyone who wants to add to or edit topics on the wiki can do it. You don't need to ask before making a change -- this wiki belongs to the community of librarians who use it."
So....this is pretty much for librarians. Guess I don't qualify? :(

It does seem to have a lot of good links though, and heh-Tribal LIbraries? Neat :) Web services, self checkout, podcasting-this does seem to have a lot to offer. Interestingly though, when I clicked the History tab most of the entries/changes are from 2006, with only a couple from 2007 and only a few from 2008. Maybe there is a more hip library wiki? For me, useful-not so much, and you already know how I feel about things skewing just to librarians, so there you go.

For exercise number 2:

Yep, saw the
"The content of this article has been derived in whole or part from Permission has been received from the copyright holder to license this material under the GNU Free Documentation License. "
under the discussion tab and clicked the history tab. I only saw changes from 2007. Hmm. Garnetpoint made revisions. Oh hey, I read about Sparks, clicked on the number 28 and on the bottom it says "This page was last modified on 16 May 2008, at 03:48." Cool :)

This wikis thing is definitely interesting-of course I do tend to go to Wikipedia a lot. I already know there are wikis on my interest-there is a wiki devoted to Supernatural and the many types of fanfiction it has. I've been known to visit it :) Now though I might actually try using the discussion and history buttons more often. Oh and p.s.-I just love those common craft videos ♥

Another thing down, on to the next! (Pant, pant)

Thing Number 15, Library 2.0

For the two perspectives I needed to read, the first I picked was "To a temporary place in time."

Man! Now that is a REALLY forward-thinking essay! Now from when I was a kid, I've always been into science fiction and futuristic stuff-my parents were watching Star Trek when I was a baby (yeah okay, so that dates me, lol) and I've always been into new technologies. (Remember my mini-obsession with the Asus eee pc?)

So I could already see it happening when on Star Trek the Next Generation most people were reading books on their padd's and having an honest to goodness print copy was a rarity. With the Self-Checkout's having made their appearance in the library system some people think libraries will not need people anymore or indeed may themselves become things of the past. But this look at the future of libraries gives one hope that libraries, indeed and especially librarians will never become a thing of the past but instead a thing of the future.

The way it described librarians having avatars on and books having online personalities and libraries having an environment that:

" authentic (true and good); humane (emotional, irrational); experiential (designed, theatrical); impassioned; relevant (understandable, timely); and participatory (open, lived, shared)."

Makes me think that libraries will be around for quite a long time, tailoring services to the people they are there for while also guarding treasured knowlege from the past and working towards the future. I really liked this short essay, and if or when those 3D VR glasses come out that will bring the library to me wherever I am, I'll be there :)

I started to take a quick look at "Away from the 'icebergs'", but when it starts with "...I don’t think there’s any question that we librarians are working hard,..." I backtracked. Libraries are not just about librarians(nothing against them and they are very important!)-being a career Library Assistant, and loving my job, I think I as well as all the other people behind the scenes and serving the public everyday are just as important. My friend who works in another library is not a librarian, but works on programming and cataloging and many other varied jobs that contribute to the functioning of the library and assisting the public. I know, the article probably means all library workers as a whole, this is just one of my pet peeves. Sorry!

Took a quick look at "To more powerful ways to cooperate" and okay, collective intelligence is good. Ooh-open Worldcat? "Our next major effort in this area will be the release, this spring, of a search box that will allow anyone with a Web browser to search all of WorldCat, no authentication required." Sweet! Wait-can't we already search WorldCat? I noticed it on the Library's catalog page, accessible from home. Hmm. That was much better :)

Okay, I'm on to the next thing, but "Library 2.0 - It's many things to many people. What does it mean to you?" Well, quick thoughts as I'm behind-it means that the library isn't just that dusty one room book-containing place with the lady behind the big desk and card catalogs missing some cards that I grew up with in grade school :) It means downloadable audio books and being able at 11:30 at night to access the catalog at home to see if they have that book on ghosts I need and being able to put a hold on it so it gets pulled the next day and going on the internet at the library at lunch if I need to check my email and telling my friends on MSN Messenger that sure, we have this title, let me look it up and give you a short summary of it so you can decide if you want to order it from Amazon and, well, you get the idea.

It means that libraries will not disappear but will be around for a long time to come because as long as there has been civilization there have been libraries to hold its recorded memories, so future generations could know their past, where they came from. It means that I will have a job at least till I retire because I'm not only willing but eager to embrace these new technologies as they come, and promote them to people I know. It means goody, I get to have fun searching books and databases anywhere, anytime, and I think I'm going to stop now so I can finish these things :)